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i had the worst yeast infection about 3 hours ago, and i use about 3 table spoons of sea salt and some warm water, mixed it until it dissolved and soaked a small towel in it, then held it with pressure on my vagina. if you really want to help it, dip clean fingers in the water and shove them up your vag. it stings like a fucking bitch, but literally the BEST remedy. my pain has gone from like 9/10 to 2/10. definitely try it

wow thanks, ill definately try that next time because im always afraid to stick a finger in just because of all the irritation

so i live with my dad and i've had BV for a long time now and have a few questions. Do you go to a gyno for BV or can you just go to a regular walk-in clinic? How long does it take for it to go away? thx

you should probably go to a regular walk-in, or id recommend planned parent hood because they are soo friendly and helpful about it. depending on the antibiotic and the severity of your infection it could go away in anywhere between a day and a week

How do you tell if you have a uti/yeastinfection without going to the doctor? I dont want to bc it just feels embarassing and people will assume your a slut or dirty/gross even if you arent, so im afraid to ask anybody i know about it :(

dont feel embarassed! shit happens, its the natural human body so embrace it!

bladder infection:

-you pee A LOT like im talking 3-8 times in an hour.

-you can feel the pressure when you pee, it feels like you have to really push your abdomin

-for me, every time i went pee, only a little bit came out, i felt like despite all the water and juice i was drinking, i couldnt go as much.

yeast infection:

-BURNING irritation (especially when peeing)

-very itchy and uncomfortable

-I definitely felt like my vagina was a heat trap, and that was probably something to do with the yeast because heat helps it grow

my last note!: please dont let embarrassment stop you from getting help because bladder and yeast infections could be from a bigger problem. and it does not make you a slut, period. getting pregnant, an std or even a simple bladder infection just makes you a human with real life problems

How does the garlic help with bv? Have you tried the apple cidar vinegar? If so how does that work for you?

apple cider vinegar helped me sooo much. the garlic was really very temporary. i had to keep it in otherwise the pain came right back

Hello. I saw your post about BV and I really wanted to discuss it with you. This is my first time having it and it really is uncomfortable and bothersome. I wanted to after you took antibiotics how long did it take for the symptoms to FULLY go away?

i had to take a tibiotics and it was gone in a matter of a few days. im really sorry it took me so long to reply. never on here anymore D:

hi, this is going to sound super weird, but i was searching under bacterial vaginosis and i found your blog. i've been getting recurring ones after sex, and i'm starting to think it's because of my lack of natural lubrication due to birth control. i'm guessing my body doesn't have enough of the good bacteria, so when it's disrupted even a tiny bit by sex, it can't flush itself out naturally. did the garlic help? have you tried diluted peroxide?

pee after sex!! thats one of the most important things for your bladder and your vaginal area. also, make sure to keep your arear clean and dry!

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